October 10, 2013


Soup's On!


Moldavite- One of the only gemstones of extraterrestrial origin.
It is a tektite found in the Czech Republic
It is a never ending, everyday dance, 
Cooking up a wholehearted life.
Healing, fun, rest, alone time, 
togetherness, work, risk taking, 
safety, movement, stillness, play, 
nourishment, laughter, tears, love....
all the myriad of ingredients
from which we make our daily soup of life.
Somedays a thick hearty stew and others a watery broth.
What is the perfect soup for you today?
What kind are you craving?
What ingredients haven't you used for a long time?
What is the most outrageous recipe you can dream up?
What is your favorite? 
See you in the kitchen.
Bon Appétit!  
With SO much love,
The Door is Open

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