Happiness is...A Free Bead

September 26, 2013


Namibian Pietersite
 Upper Limit problem.
Happiness set point.
Zone of comfort.
Have you every achieved what you set out to do, then looked around you at your life and asked "is this it?"
I am not talking about being ungrateful.
You are over flowing with gratitude.
Every day "drop on your knees" grateful,
 with how abundant and beautiful life is... 
there is a deep desire to be on fire, 
on purpose, 
making a contribution that accesses you to your core 
and calls you out of your comfort zone.
The desire to make a difference.
What do you care so strongly about, that it will get you out of bed at 5:30 in the morning?
What animal, or part of nature needs your protection?
What friend is struggling with health or finances, where a little contribution can make a huge difference?
Start there.
Exercise the muscle of giving.
There have been so many tests that show, 
when we give of ourselves...
our money, time, expertise, labor, love....
It changes our relationship to abundance.
It raises the level of happiness we can sustain.
It expands our comfort zones. 
Where the things that used to feel uncomfortable,
 or maybe even frightening, 
can be just another access point to joy.
 Start there, 
your heart will lead you on. 
I will be giving away beads today!
Come into the studio,
Receive a bead.
and a hug,
and a cup of tea,
and whatever else the universe has up her sleeve.
I plan on being super happy tonight!
With SO much love,
The Door is Open

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