Cooling the Projections...

September 05, 2013


Carnelian at Sunrise
It has been hot in the studio! 
So hot, wearing clothes is challenging... 
but not stones!
I found myself experimenting.
Feeling subtle and profound shifts in body sensation as I put on different stones... and simply noticed. 
There are those stones I had preconceived ideas of sensations based on color. 
Carnelian by example, because of it's deep orange/red, I have an association with heat and passion.
And Chrysocolla, with its blue/green swirl I associate with water and therefor perceive as cooling.
But, when I allowed myself to suspend, even for a moment, 
what was, (what I think I know) 
in order to experience what  
 (direct experience)
I noticed SO much more!
Delightful, surprising and welcomed sensations. A whole new world to be experienced directly. 
It was a great reminder, to get conscious of what preconceptions, beliefs, and attitudes we are bringing to to the party and projecting onto this moment of life.
Delicious new experiences, deep insights, and profound new ways of being in the world await when we allow ourselves to experience this moment directly from this moment. 
The Door is Open 

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