August 29, 2013


Mermaid Dreams...

Celebration necklace and Chrysoprase Pendant  

Me on the Beach of Kauai
 In a Celebration Lariat and Chrysoprase Pendant
This week has been filled with excitement about The Mermaid Retreat!
As my Evolutionary sisters Christabel ZamorJuna Mustad and I heartstorm (like brainstorming, but more embodied) about the flow and content of this delicious annual offering, I can feel my body remembering immersion in this transformative field of women, on the magical island of Kauai, and every cell leans forward with yearning.
There is movement alive on our planet. 
Women all over the world are accessing their authentic power, 
power with... rather than power over, 
and stepping into roles of Inspired Leadership. 
In this week long retreat in one of the most physically feminine and magical locations on the earth, my beloved Island of Kauai, we are co-creating a container of support, connection, growth and play that allows each woman to drop the masculine masks we have learned to operate behind and find the rhythm, beauty and wisdom of her empowered feminine.
It is so exciting!
I will be offering all new playshops and explorations with the stones!
I am so grateful for the opportunity to give my gifts in this way, and
I would love for YOU to join us.
I am in the studio 
The door is open

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