August 22, 2013


Disconnect to Reconnect...

Maury Mountain Moss Agate  
Maury Mountain Moss Agate
Steady burning fire of passion...
Off grid in Central Oregon.
The pace of the nervous system, 
when it has the chance to be free of electricity and all the electro magnetic frequencies that our access to electricity offers, 
is... exquisite. 
There was, at first, the incessant need to check the phone. 
In this case, it meant walking to a particular place in the meadow where the signal was strong enough to retrieve email, voicemail and texts (but still lacking the power to access FaceBook). 
But after the first long sessions of standing in the spot in the meadow, in the full blaze of the central oregon sun returning calls and writing signal finger emails on the phone, It dawned on me the world really didn't need me in order to keep turning.
My friends and clients would forgive this disconnection.
I ignored the phone and its unending deluge of information, 
and spent hours watching the river. 
The movement of the water flowing past, the colors of the willows along its banks, turning more golden each day and the passing of summer.   
The birds, insects, the breeze in the trees, the afternoon clouds, the occasional sighting of momma deer with her three babies fresh out of spots, the river otters, the beaver, and the absolute profusion of stars, all of nature informed me with its own symphony of information, and the body unwound.
There were also hours and hours of sorting through stones, of which you will see the fruits soon I am sure.
Thank you for this disconnection in order to reconnect to the steady heartbeat of mother earth.
The door is open

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