August 08, 2013


Inspired Inspiration

    Rose Quartz   
Star Rose Quartz- Madagascar
Tender and Compassionate heart Healing.
Last week I was in Mexico at a wonderful Spa destination called 
I was fabulously inspired by two women I was introduced to there. 
One is Deborah Sezkely.
She along with her husband founded The Ranch in 1940, advocating healthy food and lifestyle choices, and at 91 is still actively making a difference in the world through a multitude of foundations she created and in which she is still very active.
The other is her phenomenal daughter.Sarah Livia Szekely Brightwood is the president of Rancho La Puerta today, she co-creates with nature designing buildings and the landscapes of The Ranch with with organic and sustainable practices all with her quiet, strong and calming presence.
These women have, and continue to, influence thousands and thousands of people toward more healthy sustainable lives.
I get so excited when I experience the ways in which ordinary people are impacting the world in extraordinary ways.
And so many of you inspire me daily. 
When we are living inside of what inspires us, we are an inspiration.
The door is open
P.S. if you would like to visit The Ranch I have a little discount for you...

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