July 25, 2013


Unlimited Potential

    Rutilated Quartz   
Rutilated Quartz- Brazil
Rutilated Quartz helps us break free 
from thought structures that have become so ingrained 
that we don't even see them.
Assisting us with focus and direction.


How many times a day do we hear or say
an "I am" statement?
'I am a happy person" or 
"I am a private person" or
"I am always punctual" or 
"I am not a good speaker"
And often times we use that "I am" declaration
 as a logical reason for not fulfilling a yearning desire.
"I could never be a (or do) __________, 
because I am not disciplined enough"
(or rich enough, or talented...)
Says who?
Really, look inside for a minute and see,
who is saying that?
Whoever you found, they only exist in your mind.
Guess what?
 It is not true.
None of it.
Even the seemingly positive things like, 
"I am a happy person"
trap you inside a concept that only exists in your head.
The truth is that 
what we really are 
is unlimited potential.
 Every moment
 we have power to be, do, and take steps to create,
The door is open

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