July 18, 2013


The Importance of All of It...

Ametrine - Bolivia
Yesterday I had two beautiful women in the studio,
 they reminded my heart of why I am a stone steward.
The stone cutting itself... 
the interacting with the mineral kingdom, 
totally joy. 
But, of course, in order for me to offer this work
 there are an amazing amount of administrative details 
that require large amounts of attention and skills... 
most are far away from playing with the stones.
But yesterday these beautiful women, 
experiencing the studio of the first time, 
Earnestly feeling into their hearts 
for the stone that would be an ally at this juncture on their path...
This is why ALL of it matters!
So although I spent a good portion of my day, returning emails and phone calls, printing shipping labels and restringing...
I was able to do so with a renewed sense of joy and commitment to the sacredness that unfolds in this magical mineral studio.
Thank you.
ALL of you.
The door is open

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