May 16, 2013


Open Every Thursday & Friday 12-4


  • Friday, 1/26/18 thru 2/6/18 - The Tucson Tour Retreats!!!

  • Saturday, 2/10/18 - Show ~ Debuting New Stones! @ Maile Stones Studios

*Please note: This show has been moved to the 2ND SATURDAY of the month.

This is so we can share our Tucson adventures and discoveries with you -                                                                                                                                                                                         as well as hold space and be your resource for BIG LOVE before Valentine's Day!!! 

  • Saturday, 3/3/18Show ~ Debuting New Stones! @ Maile Stones Studios      12 - 4
  • Saturday, 3/17/18 - Annual Stone Lovers Appreciation Sale!                                  10 - 4
  • Saturday, 4/7/18 - Show ~ Debuting New Stones! @ Maile Stones Studios      12 - 4
  • Saturday, 5/5/18 - Show ~ Debuting New Stones! @ Maile Stones Studios      12 - 4
  • Saturday, 6/2/18 - Show ~ Debuting New Stones! @ Maile Stones Studios      12 - 4



615 De La Vina Street, Studio #2, Downtown Santa Barbara, 93101

...down the driveway on the left of building.

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The Detachment of Empathy & Compassion...

   Agate Drusy Heart  
Agate Drusy Heart with Bee friend
Empathy, Compassion and Detachment.
Noticing the Navigation in these states of being.
Noticing the initial reactions to situations and people.
Noticing any judgment of those initial thoughts or feelings. 
Noticing how these states move through each other with grace.
I notice when I experience the life challenges of friends and loved ones,
There is a deep moment of pure empathy.
And then, often rather quickly, a state of detachment.
I have often judged and not trusted this innate body intelligence.
Thinking that perhaps I am insulating, or being callous.
I have even entertained that something happened to me as a child developmentally.
But when I come back to center, I realize that detachment to me is compassion in action.
Webster's definition of compassion is a feeling of deep sympathy or sorrow (empathic response) for another with a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. 
This desire to alleviate the suffering can only truly be achieved by surrender to what IS.
When we accept that what is, IS,
suffering can't exist.
It only lives in the thought "if this were different".
As I step into this place of acceptance, wether it is of my development as a child or my judgement as an adult, compassion floods my being.
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
Compassion in detachment.
Not from the people,
but from ALL that is NOT what IS.



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