May 28, 2015

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I have a friend who is transitioning.
He is not a close friend,
I don't know the intimate details of his life.
 But every time 
I have had the opportunity to be with him,
I feel I recognize his soul, and love and joy
bubble to the surface in interactions.
And still, there is resistance to visiting and being with him in these last days.
There is so much that surfaces when we face mortality.
It is not even necessarily a fear of death itself,
but possibly the environments in which it happens,
or subconscious fears, or unprocessed loss from the past,
 Or maybe the impotence we feel when there is nothing we can do.
That all the doing is done, and just Being is all thats left.
And as I allow all that surfaces to to just be,
without judgement or repression...
what I am left with is love.
I am touched by how even in these last few days of his life, 
he is living his death in service.
That his dying, 
 is teaching those around him 
 a little more about living and loving.
And I am immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to 
witness such grace in life.
Thank you DR.
With Love,
the door is open


1 Comment

Noelle McGivern
Noelle McGivern

June 02, 2015

Please let me know when DR goes home so that I can burn some prayer ties that I made to help him on his journey. Please say you will. Love you Maile. Mahalo.

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