June 11, 2015


Inspiration Sandwich...

Rhodochrosite from Argentina

A couple of days ago a few members of "Team Rock the World"*,
found a book on the street in front of the studio,
It was SARK'S Inspiration Sandwich.
It has been 23 years that this book has been dancing around
our planet inspiring those who open its cover.
 It suggests that we "invite someone dangerous to tea"
 "take lots of naps", 
and, as we laughed about during our team meeting yesterday, 
 "learn to watch snails"... particularly snails having sex ;)
Sark, with much joy and her incredible use of color,
 illustrates beautifully commitment #9 
from another incredibly inspiring book of I have been 
"playing" with for the last few months.
"The 15 commitments of Conscious Leadership"
 Commitment #9 
"I commit to creating a life of play, improvisation, and laughter. 
I commit to seeing all of life unfold easefully and effortlessly. 
I commit to maximizing my energy by honoring rest, renewal and rhythm."
I commit to this commitment.
How to bring play into the most challenging parts of our lives,
And challenge ourselves to be more playful.
Want to play?
With Love,
the door is open
*"Team Rock the World" 
Is the Rock Star Team that allows Maile Stones to be!
 The Studio Angels help with operations 
Sara, Amberly, Tomás & Emily. 
And the Show Angels, whom many of you have met, help at the shows 
Sarah Denise, Brook, Siena & Kim.

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