June 18, 2015


The Truth of who we are...

I love the peace that comes with spending a week 
of questioning the truth of who we are.
I am once again in Sedona at a Sedona Method retreat doing just that.
It is amazing we get so enthralled and entrenched with the identification 
 with this body and mind.
Most of the time we are believing and operating 
 in this world as if that is who we are.
A bunch of memories in the mind,
 of this body,
 by with the name of ________
 (insert your name here).
But with some inquiry...
looking to see if it is true, and little help from our friends,
it is possible to see past this illusion to Truth, 
and just be the Presence that we are.
This presence that you truly are is always here and now 
 and has always been.
This presence is the background on or in which, 
 all experiencing of the body and mind appears.
So just take a moment to remember and bask in 
 that you are already pure presence and effortless awareness.
Nothing needs to change for you to be what you already are.
"The only difference between someone who knows who they are 
 and someone who doesn't 
 is that the person who does know 
 knows that there is no difference."
With Love,
the door is open

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