July 09, 2015


Soul Nourishing...


I remember hearing David Whyte once say something like;
We all come to a place in our lives, 
and often times over and over,
 when we get good and tired of ourselves.
Sick of our whole schtick; 
 all we know, or think we know.
All we do, and all the ways we go about doing it.
Really it comes down getting tired of the outfit we have given our SOUL to wear.
This isn't the same as 
being unloving or self critical.
Which happens from the perspective that we ARE this body/mind.
No, this has a different feel, it stems from a hunger.
Hunger to live more from the perspective of the Truth of who we ARE.
This is the SOUL calling for nourishment.
What feeds your soul?

There is no one food that always works for me.

But when I find something that opens a portal 

 I know without a doubt I am on to something.

For me often my women's circles, nature, and art 
are great places to start.
 My journey usually goes something like this...
 I must get quiet enough,
and create enough space,
 to find the bread crumbs,
 that take me to a path,
 that leads through the forest,
that I lose in the meadow,
but hear the creek and decide to follow that...
Once I get to what I thought was the destination
 I gain the realization
there was nowhere to get to.
 It is the whole journey 
 and being present along the way.
then repeat.

With love the door is open...

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