July 30, 2015


Beginner Mind...

Last weekend I had the incredible pleasure of taking
The Living Essentials Course, along side my awesome man, 
from Katie Hendricks.
She and her husband Gay, are truly masters of their craft,
 and the delight of three days of exploring Body Intelligence 
 is still rippling through my soma...
 What feels like old stuck emotions and patterns are liberating, with playful ease, creating even more space and freedom.
 I am so grateful to have started an "in person" conversation 
with these amazing teachers after having read so many of their books 
over the last 20 years.
Reminding myself again and again,
 being in a state of beginner mind 
 allows so much goodness to flow through life.
If you think you know, you miss what there is to learn.
With Love,
The Door is Open

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