August 20, 2015


Ahhhh... the waning days of summer.

There is a "back to school, back to work" vibe 
permeating these last days of summer.
The school schedules are set and some have already had their first day!
And while feeling satiated and at peace with the waning of daylight,
there is still a sweet sadness at watching summer go.
It was an epic summer.
One to remember.
Gratitude overflows.
I will be headed to the Denver Gem Show on September 13th!
This is an excellent show for sourcing 
 new family members from the Mineral Kingdom.
So the next few weeks is the time to dream what kind of quartz cluster, 
  or what size amethyst geode...
 Time to look around your home 
 for areas that need the energy and vitality of The Stone People.
Let me know what desires emerge,
and if you feel the need for me to come to your home to feel out the space, 
let's schedule a time right away.
 So Excited to see who comes to live with you!

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