The Violence of Comparison...

September 10, 2015

This yummy stone is California Blue Jade.
What thoughts are we believing?
Often a conversation revealed 
in the beautiful people I work with, 
What thoughts are we believing?
Often a conversation revealed 
in the beautiful people I work with, 
and one I that I have heard more than a few times in my own head is...
 "I am not good enough".
I am really curious what it will take to lay this one to rest... 
There are always going to be people that have more, 
seem brighter, happier, smarter, and have it all going on.. 
And those that have less, or seem to be struggling.
 There appear to be two main ways we take that info in... 
 Either it Inspires us. 
It sparks the desire to break free of our perceived limitations,
 step out of our comfort zone, and aim for our dreams.
 We compare.
We allow ourselves to feel defeated by anothers success, or exalted because we are "better"
But when we compare it usually just feels shitty.
My awesome friend Myla calls it "The violence of comparison"
Ever say to yourself,
"What is wrong with me?
 how come I can't seem to figure this out? 
Look what she did" 
Imagine saying that to a child...

What if your default was,
I am good enough?
Right now.
And the world around us was always an inspiration to stretch our belief about what is possible?
Oh yes, that is what I want to talk about.
 There is so much love is here for you,
the door is open

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