September 17, 2015


Take Time for Tea...

Scolecite Earrings
Lesson on the road...
Never underestimate the power of tea with a like-hearted friend.
Days of wandering the different shows of the Denver Gem Show, 
looking for the perfect stone-people helpers
 for the Stone Lovers who have entrusted me to find them...
There is SO much energy.
It requires diligent awareness of energy 
and keeping my own clear and focused.
Yesterday I realized I had been ignoring a kink in the flow. 
But it wasn't apparent until sitting down to tea with a like-hearted love that I felt the opening.
Basking in the reflection of her light,
sharing the conversation of consciousness,
allowed illumination to penetrate my shadow and dissolve the blocks.
Beautiful interdependence at work.
Tea anyone?

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