October 29, 2015


Open Studio Hours HAVE CHANGED! 

In order to better serve our #StoneLoversTribe, 

we are now open every Friday & Saturday from 12-6pm. 

Thank you!


  • This Friday & Saturday: Open Studio & Debut of New Creations @ our Studio. 12:00 - 6:00 pm! 
  • Tuesday, JULY 4th, 2017: Old Mission Art Show, Booth #58 @ Santa Barbara Mission! 10:00am-4:00pm
  • Saturday, JULY 15, 2017: Round Table Experience, 5:00-8:00pm.


615 De La Vina Street, Studio #2, Downtown Santa Barbara, 93101

...down the driveway on the left of building.

* Visits only, no snail mail :) 

Please call (805) 898-2220 or email us at info@mailestones.com with questions and inquiries.

       Snail Mailing Address is:
6 Harbor Way, Box #115
       Santa Barbara, CA 93109

The Miracle of a Quiet Mind...

Rutilated Quartz at sunset

Three nights last weekend were spent sleeping on the earth,
off grid and immersed in nature.
For 24 hours I was alone, in one spot, fasting.
No distractions, just me in creation.
I was amazed to notice the utter ridiculousness 
of the minds dialog with itself.

The mind creates scenarios that will never happen,
so it can figure out what to do 
if by any stretch of the imagination it does happen... 
Acted out It could be a comedy routine, 
but in the moment it just feels tiresome and not funny.

Freedom is quieting the mind...

To stay rooted as that which experiences the mind and the body 
but doesn't identifying as them.

When identifying as this in-dweller  
all of creation is simply glorious.

A complete miracle.

Every relationship gift,
every breath simply astonishing.

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