November 12, 2015


With Love...

Pendant craved out of Australian Boulder Opal

I wish I could share with you the view just now...
The view of the just lightening dawn sky, 
 with its gradients of color and twinkling of stars.
And the town down below, still quieted with sleep.
Just so that I could see the wonder on your face, 
 and marvel at your beauty.

I wish I could share with you the Love in my heart just now...
The Love that IS when my eyes first open 
 and take in the magnificence, the beauty and the gift 
of yet another day on this earth.
Just so I could reflect back to you your own magnificence.

I wish I could share with you the Love that I truly am...
The love that I am before I forget that I can be anything but Love, that there IS anything but Love.
Just so we could play together in that limitlessness.

And, I am grateful to share with you ALL of it.
The darkness and the light, 
 The magnificence and the not so magnificent, 
 The remembering and the forgetting...
with Love...

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