December 17, 2015


It all starts within...

Yep... another luscious Kyanite. 
Cant help it, just LOVE kyanite :)
This precious being is from Brazil
Thursday Musings

It has been an incredibly long time since I had a puppy.

And like all the natural world, 
our new puppy Ruby, has so much to teach us 
if we can listen and not fixate
on what we think we need to teach her.

Still, In this last week we have googled everything...
potty training, diet, behaviors...everything...  
and came up with so much information.

Then my friend and Stone Lover Alecia 
sent me her course called Walk in Sync™.
I haven't made it through the whole course yet, 
but I am so excited!
The very first lesson wasn't about 
what we should do with, or about, or to the puppy... 
it was about what we should do (duh) with our own energy!

It was about how important our breath is.
How vital it is that we are aware of our energy with our dog,
as it is the main way we communicate with them.
It is brilliant, right up my alley, and I am so grateful.

And of course it is NO different with ALL of life.

During the Holidays, even more than everyday,
we can find ourselves wanting to control another's behavior.
We can't.
What we can control is our own energy. 
Our breath. 
How we are communicating even when we are not speaking.

It all starts with going within.
Happy Holidays Dear Ones!

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