January 14, 2016


Awakened as Love...

I saw a friend yesterday who has been cracked open as Love.
Through facing his death,
he truly understands what Love means.
Not some concept of Love that he can understand with his mind, 
and figure out.
But the mind boggling understanding of Love 
that you happens when the mind is quieted 
and the entire being has the experience
 of being nothing but the Love it Is.
Experiencing the Truth of who he Is.
His true beingness, always and forever.
I cried.
The tears swelling in my body 
like a flower on the verge of bloom, 
and then spilling down my cheeks 
as the petals unfurl their glory.
Tears of absolute awe, joy, and wonder.
It is so beautiful to witness Truth.
So miraculous to see the veils of illusion drop away
and leave nothing but beauty in its wake.
And I am so grateful.
Deep down to my core grateful,
to be woven into the tapestry of this amazing community.

with so much LOVE the door is open

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