A Rapid Shift in Energy...

January 12, 2017 2 Comments

A Rapid Shift in Energy...

Exciting adventures are afoot! 

It feels, almost as if over night,
that the insular energy of going deep within, hibernation and quiet 
has shifted to committing, and a flow of action and creation.

The excitement in preparing to go to
the playground of phenomenal stones, 
The Tucson Gem Show,
is being rivaled by a few stellar developments
that I am biting at the bit to share with you...
But for now lets just take one "off the charts" exciting thing at a time.
And now is the time.
I leave for Tucson in 11 days!
I will reveal the others soon.... I promise :)
Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

I Leave for Tucson in 11 days!!!
The largest gathering of people who love rocks on this planet...
This is a picture of just one of the 36+ shows with 
thousands of exhibitors and millions of stones.
It is a really challenging and exciting game of hide and seek,
to find the stones that are 
singing to me... or you.
 I leave no stone unturned ;) 
I find them.
I clear and honor them
Then I see them to their new homes 
~ Now is the Time ~
What stone is singing to you?
Your home?
Is it the front entry way, bedroom, or living area?
Your meditation space?
Next to your computer?

 Feel into a these areas of your environment and listen.

 Want to grid your home and property? 
 ~Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz & Native Copper ~
easing relationships with neighbors, power poles, EMF + more.
Want a DIY kit?

The possibilities are endless...

 I leave in 11 days.

c o n t a c t    m e    n o w   
Let's dream it together. 
Help me stay organized...

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February 29, 2020

аим для ксго – чит для counter strike 1.6, аим для кс 1.6

Emily Brummond
Emily Brummond

January 12, 2017

Really just sitting in appreciation of how we work together…

I enjoy collaborating with you and continuing to dream up & share vision together.
I am inspired by the way that you are in the world, in your relationships, and in your heart.
I appreciate that you can share your vulnerabilities with me, strengthening my own concept of what it is to be a woman.
I am grateful for your weaknesses, because even though you truly amaze me, you remind me that humanness is what connects every one of us, and that having compassion is the only means by which those connections are strengthened.
I am ever-grateful to ride this endless wave of creation together, and to come to work & play, today & every day with you!

In gratitude,


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