September 06, 2018


Abundance as Birthright

Citrine Pendant


~ Stone Story ~

I have been called the stone of prosperity.
The merchant stone.
The money stone. 
All, just a wink of understanding...

But once you have had even a glimpse of
the awe-filled experience of the abundance of "All that Is",
Then my nature becomes clearer.
I am here to help you awaken to this experience.

The unbounded abundance of nature,
of the galaxies
and universes...

A vastness that is freely and constantly giving,
with no end
or restraint.

Then the abundance of the paper called money,
becomes just one delicious sparkle on oceans of sunlit seas.

I speak to remembering the true richness of who you are.
An innate inheritance of no limit.
A treasure with no end.
A bottomless wealth.
Your birthright.



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