December 14, 2017


Accessing our Brilliance...



10 days of fire being in the center of our lives in
Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Daily reports trickling in;
One friend's house is saved, 
another's totally burned.
A beloved trail engulfed, the sacred labyrinth consumed.
New stories every day, so personal and close to home.
How are you?

Chances are your nervous system has been on high alert for days now...
Like me, you may be experiencing some numbness.

What helps?
Creating the time, even 10 minutes to sit with your breath.

Let's do it together, right now...
Set the timer on your phone for 10 min.
(refrain from getting one last update) and sit back in your chair.

Notice all the places in your body where you are holding,
and consciously let them go.
From your feet to the top of your head, noticing and letting go.

Breathe into your joints and muscles.
You might require a wiggle here and there to dissipate the tension.
Become melting butter...
All of you puddling.

Special attention to the shoulders and neck.
Letting them down.

You may experience tingling or warmth in different areas
as feeling and awareness return.
Just allow, breathe and
continue until the timer goes off.

You have given yourself and your community huge gift.
In resourcing yourself,
you created an atmosphere in your body
where your brilliance can be accessed.
And the brilliance of each and every one of us is needed. 
Praying for our Communities. 
Praying for the animals.
Visualizing still, wet, calm.

With so much love and gratitude,



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