October 13, 2016


An Out-Pouring of Love 🙏🏽


An out pouring of love.


After sharing last week about un-coupling there has been the most 

delicious out pouring of love, wisdom, gratitude and revealing.


Impromptu conversations on my beach walks, at Trader Joes, the gas pump, the ladies room and of course in the studio (where authentic and meaningful conversation happen with regularity!).
A plethora of emails and texts, even a few phone calls (are phone calls really slipping into oblivion?)


And the spectrum of humanity was reflected back;

Love and understanding because all of us have been there.
Admiration for perceived acts of courage.
Concern for heartbreak.
Gratitude for choosing consciously and opening possibilities.
And many revealing, the process of uncoupling themselves,
with all degrees of cooperation and conflict.


It has led to a few thoughts…

Letting go of judgement.
 How we think our lives or the lives of others should be. 

We are all doing the best we can. We all need and deserve love and support regardless of how “conscious” our situation seems. 


There is no “right” way to go about changing our life course. 

At times we have tools, time and inclination and cooperation to be aware and graceful,
I have been blessed this time around with these...
And at other times all we have is a "Fuck you" and an about face.
That may well the best way we know how to take care of ourselves in the 

All of it is human, and we are all human.
When I am more accepting of my humanity,
it allows me to be accepting of yours. 

But above all kindness,
and yes, even a “Fuck you” can be an act of kindness :)

Thank you dear ones!

Love is here. The door is open...

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