Bad Lunch Dates...

November 03, 2016

Bad Lunch Dates...

The joys of Inner dialog: 

When The Pusher, The Should Voice, The Critic, and The perfectionist
decide to join you for lunch...

The Pusher says  ~"You know what your gifts are, the world needs them.
 You MUST share them!
It is what you were put on earth to do!"

The Should Voice says ~ "Seriously you have been waiting long enough,
you should really get on this.
As a matter of fact you should have gone to that conference, 
you should be more like her, she went to that conference..."

This is where the Critic slides in ~ "Why didn't you go to that conference?
"Oh right, you didn't have enough money... again. 
What is wrong with you? 
Other people have enough money to do these things,
you missed out on the thing that could have made the difference"

Then the Perfectionist pipes up ~ "Well you really can't share your gifts now, because with out that conference you aren't going to do it right. 
It needs to be done professionally and you only get one chance to make a good impression" 
We have all had variations of this lunch date,
they are BAD lunch dates, and none of them ever pick up the check ;)

The key to Inner Dialog is knowing who the players are and identifying them.
I play and give these personas names: 

Paramesh the Pusher 
Sherri the Shoulder
Constance the Critic
Prudence the Perfectionist 

Dress them up in ways that reveal them as the characters they are...
They are on this journey with us, but we need to know how to put them in their place.
And above all
Create time to quiet ALL so you can hear/BE 
that ONE still quiet voice that IS your Truth.

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