November 15, 2018


Breathe, Connect, Reset...

Chrysocolla Pendant



It has only been one week...
I had just finished sending off last weeks Thursday morning email
when I received a text that said, 

"M&D are fine there was a shooting in TO. They weren't nearby"

In California, every day since the mass shooting it has been news of more fires
with homes, and lives lost.

In our well-connected community, 
many are remembering last years fires 
and deadly mudslides,
as well as the ghost of fires past.
All this daily intensity takes its toll.

So important to take good care of your nervous system!

Please take time to connect with your breath. 
Just three slower breaths with a gentle shaking of the body
can do wonders to help ward off overload.
Breathe and be gentle with yourself!

With so much love,


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