November 08, 2018


Creating toward Connection

We continue every year,
to stay curious about whether to stay open the Friday after Thanksgiving, 
the infamous "Black Friday" 
And again we have landed on YES!
~ here's why...


The studio is a sacred place for connection.
With ourselves, with each other, with the mineral kingdom...
We would like to support a holiday season
that holds connection at its core. 
Providing a space for visiting family to come together
to learn more about each other and the earth.
Providing gifts from the earth,
made by hand, locally, and with intention is a huge commitment. 
We want to continue to support  this "right-relationship" 
So, The Door will be Open.
Please consider the impact your choices have on our community
and what you are "voting" for with your dollars. 


With so much love,


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