February 21, 2019


Everyday Self Love

Topaz Pendant

Imperial Topaz

~ s t o n e   s t o r y ~

"Dripping with abundance,
you adorn me with sovereignty. 

The strength and integrity
that you foster in your peach-golden light,
fills me with knowing and faith. 

To ally with you brings surety, constancy,
and unabiding love.
Imperial Topaz, 
Your grandeur opens my heart and
strengthens my resolve toward right relationship



Heart Stone

How did you do?

How were you able to love and support yourself 
through the day of love?

This self-love, this caring and tending to our own hearts,
even when we have beloveds is paramount.

It is not just a day, or a week in the year,
 Valentines is just a reminder that love is to be celebrated...

So no matter if you are
soaring in love, aching with break up, or steady as you go,
remember to tend to your own heart... 

Do little things to remind yourself 
of your preciousness. 

with so much love...


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