January 11, 2018


Gather together, feel together, heal together...

This soft-focus photo of this precious soft-polish Rose Quartz
felt like just the stone to soothe our hearts today.

Allow your eyes to half close while gazing at this stone.
Focus softly like the image itself, take a few deep breathes
and receive the transmission of divine love.
Feel your body relax and respond to this energetic embrace.
Allow the love and comfort that the Earth has for you in...

In times like this, it is difficult to find words.
My heart aches with the shock and pain of our community... 
I know that we will rise.
I know that our a community is filled with talented healers
and huge-hearted neighbors.
I know the sun will rise tomorrow and the next day
and we will heal... together.

Reach out to those around you.
 Gather in person, try sharing with each other something like
"I felt this... when I heard that"
 Or offer a sentence stem that each person answers.
"I felt myself the most in the last few days when..."
"I felt (fill in a persons name) the most when..."  

This can begin allowing the nervous system to heal and unwind 
as an alternative to repeating news or horror stories 
creating more adrenaline and reinstating trauma.
Just be aware of what is happening within you.
Is what you are saying creating more tension or ease?
Sending love, prayers, and hugs.  

With So Much Love, The door is Open.

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