February 14, 2019


Happy Valentines Day!


Lapis Pendant


~Stone Story~

Lapis always speaks to me of ancient wisdom

and access to different planes of awareness.

In a meditation/journey with Lapis

 I was transported to an isolated knoll that was in utter darkness.

This made the stars of the sky seem to multiply a thousandfold

and grow in intensity.

I lay down on this knoll and the boundary of where "I" begin

and where something "other than me" begins... dissolved.

I was the wisdom of ALL time...

I was the sky, the stars and everything that ever was.


The closest reference I have ever found for this experience

is what is called the Akashic records.


Lapis has been working with humanity for a very long time

and it feels to me that it holds within its regal majesty

an understanding of humanity that is compassionate and powerful. 



The divine teacher.

To truly love ourselves and
to truly love another.
A seemingly simple thing 
and a life long exploration.

Let's be easy with ourselves 
and allow for our faults
Take actions that bring us together
and lean into what hurts.

You are so loved,
Just the way you are
Let this knowledge guide you
and let you star shine. 

with so much love...



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