September 29, 2017


Heart Chakra Self Love....




The color of this Kunzite pendant is better represented in this picture. 
I took the shot above at sunset,
and soft rays of pink have been infused with golden light of the "magic hour".
The benefit being that the light gives us a glorious view
of what happening internally in the stone. 

I associate Kunzite with love.
Self love most prominently
It feels like Kunzite arouses the desire to look internally
and although what you find may make you want to squirm... 
it feels as though Kunzite allows space to be accepting, 
loving and nonjudgmental.
To seek change from the portal of kindness...
 and clarity.
That is another wonderful hit I get from Kunzite,
 its gentle yet crystal clarity.
Reminds me of Topaz in that sense 
but with a "filter" of Heart chakra activated self love.

There is also trace lithium, which promotes relaxation and calming.

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