April 13, 2017


I cut off all my hair...

I cut off all my hair.
Turns out this dream/fascination started even longer ago then The Camino.
I came very close once about 17 years ago,
but chickened out last minute.
Finally last Saturday, with the help of amazing women circle,
I let my locks fall.

For someone who has long hair her entire life
(except for a brief encounter with a Dorthy Hamill cut if 5th grade)
It feels outrageously liberating
and vulnerable.
My head is highly sensitive,
the slightest breeze is translated through my entire body. 

People that I don't know respond to me differently,
less forward more furtive.
Little kids often stare.

I have developed a habit of rubbing my head and love being petted;
The feeling is endlessly fascinating.

And it will save me much ado while on the trail over the next two months. 

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