October 04, 2018


I Love You...

Orange Chalcedony Celebration Lariat


Ladies... I am feeling you and myself.
Can we all just take a moment to BREATHE 
and acknowledge the level of tension that is in the field.

AND to take a conscious break!
Yes, we can take a break.
It doesn't mean that we are don't care deeply. 
It means we need to resource ourselves so
we can be in our true power. 

Recognizing all the beauty that surrounds us...
how the roses smell right now in this blessed gentle rain!

Nurturing and Nourishing the soft animal of our bodies
so we have the wholeness to be with each other and our men. 

Touch into our playfulness.
Our joy.
Our sensuality.
Our snorting, belly laughter.
Our love of good food... shared. 

Just for a moment... but often! 
This too shall pass.
I love you!


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