Leaning into Uncomfortable...

August 17, 2017

Leaning into Uncomfortable...


 Tumultuous times.
I have been largely off of all social media since I left for The Camino mid-April.
I am only now beginning again to find and share meaningful dialog there.

When something happens, like the clash in Charlottesville,
the feed irrupts with such an array of commentary and view points
that it is overwhelming and uncomfortable,
I want to just shut it off and go back to pretending everything is hunky dorey.

This is privilege.
This is my white western privilege in action.

Because it is not directly affecting my life,
I have the privilege to ignore that it is happening.

Many of my spiritual teachers over the years
have made it abundantly clear
that our vibrational state is the most important thing.
It is imperative to not let anything mess with our vibrational state.

 I know I have often used this as an excuse
to spiritually by-pass some of the harder collective issues we face
as citizens of a community, country, and planet.

Being an extra sensitive person...
and I know many of you can relate to this...
when I feel the pain of a collective wound as big as
white supremacy or dehumanizing discrimination, 
it can rock my world for days.

I have found I need be very conscious how I hold and dialog with these issues
as to not leave me completely dysfunctional, 
or wallowing in lower vibrational states, which is ultimately unhelpful to anyone.
One incredibly strong, sane and sage voice that has
 empowered and inspired me to lean into these difficult conversations
again and again, is Brene Brown.
In this Facebook live video from a few days ago
she speaks candidly to this and I have found it so helpful.
I hope it is helpful for you also.         



with so much love, the door is open. 


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