February 16, 2017


❤️ Love and other adventures 🇪🇸

As the dust of Tucson Gem Show settles, 
and the new stones slowly move into the studio,
or on to their new stewards and homes,

 the next adventure begins to shine with bright intensity
and has drawn me in like a moth to the flame.

I shared with you a few weeks back, 
that in honor of my 50th birthday
I am walking The Camino Santiago de Compostela, 

a pilgrimage across Spain.

Well this epic two month journey is only two months away!

I have divined a playful and essential way
for you to participate in this epic journey with me, 
and will unveil it very soon... 
So keep a lookout!

 Dearest Heart,

In the week of Valentines I want you to know that you are loved,
that actually we are love,
And this being of love loves your being of love.

Come by to see some of the new stones,
share a cup of tea and experience the love of the earth.

Love is here. The door is open...

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