October 25, 2018


Montana Agate, Awe of Creation...

Montana Agate Pendant

Montana Agate

~ Stone Story ~ 
The Yellowstone River is the only undammed river in the lower 48, 
coursing 692 miles through Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota.

In the middle of its journey,
as it winds its way near Forsyth MT,
there is a concentration of this beautiful moss agate.
Being washed out of Pleistocene
(2,588,000 until 11,700 years BP) gravel deposits...
formed through incredible forces over interminable time.

This stone holds a mystique, a remarkable beauty.
Delicate structures floating at various depths, 
reminding of us of our dimensions.
The breadth and depth of our nature.
The mystery that surrounds the very facts of our human existence.

"If I could relay to you the unfathomable intricacies,
the crazy synchronicities,
the precision, and the wild abandon that all converged
over "hard to grasp" amounts of time for my existence to be true...
You would be so in awe of the universe that surrounds you
as to be permanently changed.
And my existence is but a one drop in an ocean of creation stories...
Miracles of existence are all around you every day.
And you are of the most beautiful"


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