July 25, 2019


Mothers of Mothers...


~ s t o n e  s t o r y ~

The depth and clarity of this Blue Chalcedony
is of the best the world has yet seen.

Many of you have heard me tell the story of
one of my first downloads from this stone.
A vision came... Of a circle of women
standing and holding hands.

They represented the current generation of mothers.
Behind each woman, and radiating out and back in time 
to the very origins of humanity,
were her mothers and the mothers of her mothers...

And when I use the term mother,
It was clear to me that it wasn't just those
who have physically birthed another human...
These were ALL women.

The chant was low
and sounded like the beating of a heart.
But when I listened closely it differentiated into all their voices 
"we are the mothers of mothers of mothers of mothers. 
of mothers,
of mothers,
of mothers..." 

There is a lot of wisdom, grace, power and compassion
that has come before and stands behind us in solidarity.
We can draw from this field of love and support.

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