March 30, 2017


đź’“ Not today but Delighted to better serve...

Change, change, change.
All feels incredibly supportive and a flow into the next iteration
and still there are those places of resistance.
Simply because it is how we are wired.

We have three brains.
The neocortex, on the outside, wraps the limbic, 
which in turn wraps around the reptilian.

At the center is the brain who's job it is to keep us safe
and any change is an assault to its mandate, hence resistance.
Being at peace in a place of unknowns,
wether it is changing a long tradition of open studio days
or stepping onto a trail in Spain, takes practice.

 It is only through choosing to move through the resistance and or fear
that we allow ourselves to follow our dreams.


Love is Here. The Door is Open... Tomorrow ;)

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