October 19, 2017


One of the most wonderful gifts...

photo @dougellisphotograpghy

One of the most wonderful gifts the stone world has gifted me is the children. 

I had no idea when I start cutting stones
that I would have the opportunity to be connected to so many amazing kids!
To be a part of their lives over the years is exquisite!

They started with their first beads in many different ways 
Their mama wearing a birthing necklace when they where born
or being gifted by a friend for their birthday. 
Many where gifted their first beads by their pre-school teacher Gina of Harmony.
Gina comes to the studio every year
to pick out a stone for each child that is "graduating" from Harmony...
she calls it giving them their wings.

Many have added to their bead necklaces every year, on birthdays or special moments... 
A first performance, graduating from grade school, or the arrival of their moon cycle.
To watch the pieces grow as they have...
so good.

The love and appreciation I have for the these amazing beings
who continually break my heart open with their beautiful hearts is unmeasurable. 
So much gratitude for these unexpected years of connection and love.


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