March 08, 2018


Open Studio = Inspire Maile

Kunzite Pendant

(Kunzite- A stone of self love and non- judgmental awareness.

Helping us to break out of patterns

of unhealthy illusions of love or romantic connections, 

and hold our hearts to the light.

Helping us heal conditioning and understand the true nature of love.)



For a few weeks I have been reflecting in the Thursday email

about all the qualities of Open Studio that make it worth doing.

See, there is a trend...

 more on-line connection and less in person connection.

I for one am missing the in person.

So today when I asked what is open studio?  

This is what came...


Open studio = Inspire Maile


Yep, that's your job...

Inspire me with with your life stories,

the celebrations and struggles that make us a community.

Your curiosity toward a greater meaning of life

and the all ways you bump into the magic and it dazzles you. 

All of your humanity, your transcendence, your kindness, your rage....

these are the inspiration...

you are my muse.

These moments are what inspire

exquisitely unique hand carved stones

that adorn the body and feed the soul!


These are the ways the stones meet us, where we are,

and champion us onward. 





With Love, The Door is Open

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