April 20, 2017


Open Every Thursday & Friday 12-4


  • Friday, 1/26/18 thru 2/6/18 - The Tucson Tour Retreats!!!

  • Saturday, 2/10/18 - Show ~ Debuting New Stones! @ Maile Stones Studios

*Please note: This show has been moved to the 2ND SATURDAY of the month.

This is so we can share our Tucson adventures and discoveries with you -                                                                                                                                                                                         as well as hold space and be your resource for BIG LOVE before Valentine's Day!!! 

  • Saturday, 3/3/18Show ~ Debuting New Stones! @ Maile Stones Studios      12 - 4
  • Saturday, 3/17/18 - Annual Stone Lovers Appreciation Sale!                                  10 - 4
  • Saturday, 4/7/18 - Show ~ Debuting New Stones! @ Maile Stones Studios      12 - 4
  • Saturday, 5/5/18 - Show ~ Debuting New Stones! @ Maile Stones Studios      12 - 4
  • Saturday, 6/2/18 - Show ~ Debuting New Stones! @ Maile Stones Studios      12 - 4



615 De La Vina Street, Studio #2, Downtown Santa Barbara, 93101

...down the driveway on the left of building.

* Visits only, no snail mail :) 

Please call (805) 898-2220 or email us at team@mailestones.com with questions and inquiries.

       Our Mailing Address is:
6 Harbor Way, Box #115
       Santa Barbara, CA 93109

❤️ Overflowing with Love ❤️


This is Emily,
the Office Guru here at Maile's. 

I have had the pleasure of  enjoying so many of you
 while working closely with Maile for the last 2.5(ish) years.

I look forward to this time together as our opportunity
to get to know each other a little better & I can't wait to
experience each of you while Maile traverses the trail 
El Camino de Santiago de Compostela - El Camino Primitivo.

As Maile always has, I want to welcome you with an open heart and
to encourage you to come as you are & say what you feel

No need to wait for the perfect day...
...when you're hair looks better,
when you're feeling more social, 
when you're feeling more decisive, 
when you have more than __ minutes,
when you have. no. reason. beyond. want.
You are welcome here.

This IS the perfect day. 
The perfect moment. 
It doesn't get any more perfect than this.
WE don't get any more perfect than this.  
Just as we are.
Right freakin' now.


As Studio Angels, we are here to "catch hearts & be helpful"
so please, if you need to be caught or comforted,
held, hugged or heard, please know that
love is here & the door is open. 

You have helped create everything that this is &
 we are always right here with you in this unpredictable ocean.

So, what's up with you? 
Let us love on you this weekend.

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