Pendants for those touched by fire...

December 21, 2017

Pendants for those touched by fire...



Phew... we made it through.

I see you there standing on the other side.

Although the fire is far from over,
the worst of it appears to be behind us.

Many of us are hoping to have the evacuation orders lifted today
so we can return to our homes,
feeling so much gratitude at having a home to return to... 
Some do not. 

We were heart-storming here in the studio
 what can we do to support our community in this intense time?
And of course, we landed on the most precious treasure we have to give,
these amazing stone beings.


We would like to gift 5 pendants.

Gift a stone ally to those whose lives have been touched by this fire
and could use this support.

We are asking that you, our tribe, tell us who to give them to.

Share with us the stories of these loved ones,
in effect nominate someone who would appreciate this offering
No need too little or great,
the universe has a way of guiding the stones to the "right" people.

The stories, do not need to be elaborate…
a name and a few lines about how this person moves you and how to contact them.

If you know someone...
 please send us their info as soon as possible.
We would love to gift these stones while the need is ripe.

With so much love and gratitude,



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