November 30, 2017


Rarified Bubble Myopia



My exterior world has been filled with the Gratitude Sale
(which was epic BTW, brings us all so much JOY to be shipping off your new treasures!!)

and full “kick-ass” creation mode for the HOMESPUN show this Saturday... 

My interior world has been on a quest… 

I find alive in me a curiosity and desire to cultivate greater awareness and understanding of what it is like to identify with a particular slice of the spectrum of humanity… 

whether that is African American, LBGTQ, Muslim American or______,
I have been consumed with garnering a more complete perspective of privilege.  


I often feel that we live in a rarefied bubble of beauty and privilege here in Santa Barbara. 

Surrounded by the magical ambiance created where the mighty Pacific ocean meets the coastal mountains. 

The incredible humans attracted to this geographical location, 

make for a stellar community that shines brightly in their service, heart and spiritual exploration.


And yet I find myself surprised by our insular lack of diversity. 

Not just in the color of skin, sexual or religious orientation but in a wholerange of ways of being.
The conformity of this culture puzzles me. 

My guess/hope is that far more diversity exists here than I am aware of,

and this is simply my myopia. 

The excuse of a person who spends more time talking to rocks than humans. 

I remain curious and open and would love to hear your thoughts.

With so much love and gratitude,


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