February 01, 2018


Rocking my World...

Holy Moly, what a powerful Super Blue Blood Moon!
Here in the Sonoran Desert at the Tucson Gem Show
it was a mostly sleepless night for me... so much energy.
LOVED getting all the messages and pictures
of your stones out bathing in the moonlight!
Thank you 😘

The first week of the Tucson Tour Retreat
was even more fun and exciting than I had anticipated.
The stones, of course, completely ROCKED our worlds!
The women who came to play were an absolute joy,

and my friends, contacts, and vendors dazzled us
with stories, understanding, and deals. 

The next group of awesome women arrives tomorrow
with the apex of the Tucson Gem Show happening this weekend.
So grateful to have the opportunity to share
the 25 years of experience and relationships in the world of gems.
Mark it on the calendar for next year!

With So Much Love, The door is Open.

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