February 22, 2018


Rocking the Cultivation of Presence

Condor Agate

What does it take to rise above your present circumstances?
To grow beyond your upper limits?
To stay the course through distractions and challenges?
When everything in our lives appears to be turned upside down,
 When all the terrain looks unfamiliar,
how do we recognize the next step?

Get quiet.
Really quiet.
That still, quiet voice inside is always there.
For me, the simple truth is to cultivate, to practice, the presence of mind.
There are a lot of techniques and technologies, to help us.
Here is an article shedding light on some of the nuances.
And I have referred many people to Headspace.
But this single practice is so incredibly profound.   

Take time every day to quiet the mind... 
What emerges from under all the incessant chatter... knows.

With Love, The Door is Open

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