October 20, 2016


ūüĆ™ Stay our Course ‚õĶÔłŹ

There is a lot going on. 

After watching the third presidential debate last night and catching some of the news,
I can feel a powerful vortex of fear.
 The greatest single controlling force is our collective fear.

I urge us all to fully feel the emotions that arise within us,
but not let the thoughts that occur in their wake be our masters. 

So important to be fully in our bodies, aware and feeling,
yet not allowing the mind to spin us from the core truth of who we are.
The truth is that we are all connected, we are ALL one. 

This illusion of separation, the Them and Us, is an illusion.
 It is the old story of humanity, and that old story is in its final days of telling.

The new story has not only emerged it has become obvious.
A new paradigm, and we are seeing evidence of it all around us. 

More people than ever are aware of it and telling it, and living it.

Go within, past our fear... to our souls knowing
and focus there.
 And live, and decide, and vote, and shop and love and LIVE from there.

A storm may momentarily set the bow of your ship off course but after the storm...
correct your position and continue to sail to your destination.

Bypass nothing yet stay our course.
Love is here, The door is open

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