Stories, fish, and Tribe ❤️

October 27, 2016

Stories, fish, and Tribe ❤️

The old story of humanity = separation
The new story of humanity = inter-being

"The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible" by Charles Eisenstein 
Is a book that is going to take me a couple of reads.

After my first pass, I understand, agree with,
and I am so excited to hear someone logically put forth,
what I have believed for much of my life...
That the world, meaning the people on this earth, is dying
to an old, collective, broken set of agreements...
The story of Separation.
And It, we, are waking up to a new, collective, and alive inner truth...
The story of Inter-being

A belief many of us have been reading about, thinking about and talking about for years.
But Eisenstein's brilliant way of pointing out the fabric
from which the old story is woven, 
the warp and weft, 
that is so ingrained that it is invisible to those of us who are cloaked in it,
is what requires that I read the book a second time to fully “see”.

Like if we are fish, 
he is describing and pointing out the qualities of the water
we have been swimming for all our existence. 
Which helps me to understand, that to many people,
the shift feels like, as a fish, grasping that the water it is swimming in is poison,
so it needs to adapt to living outside water.
And we have all heard the saying “a fish out of water”...
Sounds scary, uncomfortable, even life threatening

That is why it is SO crucial
that in this stage of the evolution of our humanity we have Tribe.
Like-hearted people that can help us “see” the old story
and hold us collectively in the new story.
Supporting one another with compassion, inner truth and love.

Love is here, The door is open

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