July 07, 2016


Summer Hiatus of Musings ☀️


Sugilite pendant

[This beauty frolicking at the beach is a pendant carved from Sugilte... All the way from the Kalahari Desert of South Africa]


Dearest Ones…

We have been cheering each other on for many years!


When I read through the list of souls that this weekly
Musings goes out to, I know (and often very well) the majority of you. 

We have witnessed kids grow, illnesses over come, changes of partners, and rights of passage and everything in between.

It is this community, and the “life rides” we share together,
that give the very backbone and “why”
to the work that is made manifest in this studio. 


Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your journey and giving me an opportunity to support and cheer you on!

I look forward to that continuing indefinitely as we all encounter “life rides” never ridden. 


And in the vein of new “life rides”…

I am taking a hiatus from writing Thursday Musings until the end of summer. It has been over 10 years!

I reserve the possibility to share something that absolutely is burning to be shared…BUT 

I am giving myself the time to be in a different flow and discover what is there.


I love you. 

Hope to see you in person face to face in the studio for a cup of tea
(or a glass of wine) and a catching up.

Please feel free to email me personally maile@mailestones.com...
would love to hear any ideas you have, what you would like to receive in an email or any feedback.
Happy Happy Summer!


The door is open...


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