June 30, 2016


Summertime 🌞 🍑

Kyanite with CHO

Very rare material out of Pakistan,
a mix of Blue and Green Kyanite...

With our Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)

and beach photo shoot assistant Ruby.

One of the new stones debuting this Saturday!

Summer time, Summer time, Sum sum summer time… 🎤

Late afternoon hikes making it back to the car by headlamp. 

Dips in the ocean after of day cutting in the studio.

Experiencing the quality of light change as the sun wanes, with my toes in the sand.

Juicy watermelon almost everyday! 

Delicious summer.


This time of year has a way of conjuring up sweet somatic memories.

Every bite into a perfectly ripe peach, can bring instant relaxation to the body as it taps into summers of the past.


Lucky for you we are ultra productive in the studio right now, as we prepare for the show this Saturday and the Roundtable on the 16th. 

There are SO many stones wanting to be shaped and only so much time in the day… even in these long glorious ones. But they never stop calling to come into form and find their person ( you?) who dreamt them into existence.


I Look forward to playing with you all at the show this Saturday and creating some new sweet summertime memories!

The door is open...

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